Michelle Obama – Becoming Audiobook

Michelle Obama – Becoming Audiobook

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Becoming Audiobook

I thought she did an really good job of showing us the human side of who she and Barack were. If a buddy of yours grew up to become the president or first spouse, and it was sort of a fairy tale, a book like this would show the underside, or the real side, of the process.

Just like Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance, this book shows us how some Americans “make it” from the ground up, but that it’s not easy. Making it is a quicksilver process, requiring such ingredients as intelligence, timing, hard work, luck, happenstance….it’s scary how many things can impede the chances of good, smart kids. Michelle Obama chronicles how she managed to make it, and she deserved her good fortune, but she would be the first to tell you a lot of it wasn’t up to her. Becoming Audiobook Free. Which makes you sad about all the kids left behind. Or let’s be honest: all the kids who are murdered before they can fulfill their potential. Obama is frank with kids who’re struggling against the odds, and in this as in so many other issues, she doesn’t get down and helpless over the burdens. She encourages us to accept what is and work around it. I found that empowering.

Her description of meeting and getting to know, then falling in love with, Barack, is really interesting. It was NOT love at first sight! They became friends, and then sweethearts, and then, over time, deeply in love. We get to see what Barack is like–truly, that’s the stellar aspect of this book, it’s so candid! Michelle isn’t afraid to complain and speak honestly; she struggles as a young adult and a working mother, then as a political spouse. You really see the sausage-works of political campaigns.

The book wasn’t gripping, but it was interesting. I’ve always thought she was super-smart and clever, and that seems true, but when she mentions she’s not overly introspective, I found that hard to believe. However, by the end of the book, I wondered if it was true, because she minimized some events in her life that would have been compelling had she gone deeper. She was the first / only black woman to do X, Y, and Z. I feel quite sure she ran into a hell of a lot more obstacles than she shares, and in that sense, she kind of minimizes her astronomical climb. Michelle Obama – Becoming Audio Book Download. How many kids from the hood get into Princeton and Harvard, and then succeed as well as she did? And when she got hired at the white-shoe law firm, what did that really feel like? Ah, well. A missed opportunity.