Jean M. Auel – The Land of Painted Caves Audiobook

Jean M. Auel – The Land of Painted Caves Audiobook (Earth’s Children, Book Six)

Jean M. Auel - The Land of Painted Caves Audio Book Free
The Land of Painted Caves Audiobook

I started checking out The Planet Children’s collection quickly after Clan Of The Cave Bear appeared. I enjoyed the history and the expertise of planet medicine. When the book finished I was so let down since I was not ready for the tale to finish. I wanted A tale to find her very own people and also remain to grow into a wise Medincine Female.
I was disappointed in the 3rd publication in the collection, as it found out more like a soap opera than the first two books, and also I really did not want Alaya as well as Jondajar to separate. The last 4 books have gone back into more of the style of the initial 2. With so much knowledge of the glacier globe that existed. With it’s hardships as well as need to know just how to live off the land.
I have actually particularly loved checking out the plant expertise utilized in both consuming as well as medicine throughout the series. The Land of Painted Caves Audiobook Free. As well as obviously Alaya’s successes and also failings.
I need to confess I am extremely dissatisfied the 7th book, The Painted Caves, is to be the last book in the collection. I have wanted Alaya to locate her actual individuals because Clan of the Cave Bear, so the circle of her life would certainly be complete. I hope Jean M. Auel will certainly reassess quiting the series at book seven of the Sarah’s Kid. It just does not attended be finished. I have actually read all 6 books now and also have enjoyed each one. The characters are so rich and also perfectly human. Also those I didn’t care for were wonderfully made, as well as numerous I have actually satisfied in my own life. I need to admit I would love to have one more publication for the collection. To see Ayla have a kid for the young boys to fulfill, to see her as the First as well as sudden death. That’s a whole lot to ask but that’s absolutely what I yearn for. Seriously Nancy Parks. I’m a black woman likely towards sci-fi as well as I read the clan of the cave bear for my secondary school sociology course. My mom had already review it so I was fascinated when it was appointed in course. This series has actually considering that functioned as the structure for my understanding of the globe. I have Ms. Auel, Iza, and also Creb to say thanks to for my rate of interest in holistic medicine and spiritual mission for fact as well as knowledge. This book continues to satisfy in both areas. I delight in a little romance which guide offers as well as I’m glad to aim to Ayla as the womanly hero of the tale. I get on p. 200 and I am taking pleasure in analysis. Thank Jean M. Auel for gathering such knowledge and weaving it right into this fish story. My life would not coincide without it. My mind is opened as well as I am eternally happy. Thank you for your work. May the Planet Mommy continue to honor and also keep you. Planet’s youngsters Series needs to be my favored series. I such as just how it’s written kind of like a cross between a historical record and also fiction. Ayla is a strong female that is extremely modest, truthful as well as inventive. Jean M. Auel – The Land of Painted Caves Audio Book Download. Jondalar is a moron without self-discipline but he does have a few assets. And also naturally I love the pet characters that hang with them both. It’s a little slow in some places due to the large summaries however if you took them out it would take away from the stories realism. If my background instructor had shown with some material such as this I could have actually paid attention in course. It’s definitely worth the read. I have enjoyed the Earths Children series since the begining, it has maintained me enthralled and also left me desiring a lot more, extra, much more.
There were a couple of times I felt Auel just blathered on in a few of the chapters, elaborating way too much in the caverns as well as the proceeded discussing of the titles and also ties of the personalities, however I think that is how she composes the extra 200 pages as opposed to the book being about 450-500 web pages all of the blathering makes them 600-700 pages.
I sure wish Auel maintains it choosing a few more books/stories. I do not feel as the story has finished and also if it has … I will feel vacant as if there has been no closure.
Overall I found this to be a good continuation of the story but certainly really did not make me feel as if it was completion of it. I have actually read as well as re reading this collection for years. loved all the books including this one. the only mistake is it obtains kinda monotonous concerning all the cave paintings and it took too lengthy to get written. desire there was one more book coming however do not understand if there is. would be terrific for Ayla to lastly locate individuals she originated from as well as a person recognized of her and also her moms and dads and why they were traveling. so would certainly love answeres of where she originated from. would enjoy to see her design another thing as well as see even more individuals catching as well as tameing equines and wolves. love things like that.