Tony Dungy – Quiet Strength Audiobook

Tony Dungy – Quiet Strength Audiobook (The Principles, Practices, and Priorities of a Winning Life)

Tony Dungy - Quiet Strength Audio Book Stream
Quiet Strength Audiobook

Dungy discusses his deeply held views that guided scores of decisions on and off the field. He likewise explains exactly how God prepared him in so many ways with many people via the years to be all set to lead a group to the Super Bowl. He offers many life lessons in the process as he explains his journey to the Super Dish. I liked that he stressed that the book is not about winning football video games. For him that was not the utmost goal.
I took pleasure in lots of parts of this publication. It was hard to put down though I do not like football! I especially enjoyed his description of the Colts VS. Bucs game in 2003. He was mentoring the Colts in this game which was against the Super Dish champions – the Bucs that he had actually formerly coached. It was likewise on his birthday. This is a looter but his birthday finished exceptionally well! I honestly would not have actually grabbed this book if I were not a substantial Colts fan. Tony Dungy is very booked, so I was anticipating Quiet Strength to be dry and dull. Quiet Strength Audiobook Free. Nonetheless, it was the exact opposite. The book was inspiring, with unanticipated little bits of humor here and there.

Dungy takes us via his youth, invests the majority of the phases reminiscing regarding his time with the Tampa bay Bay Buccaneers, and completes the book with the Colts and also their Super Bowl win. The book is not a publication concerning football, yet given that football is a big part of Dungy’s life, it is difficult to envision him composing a book about life’s concepts as well as practices when they are so connected to his life as a football gamer and also trainer. However, you don’t have to understand anything regarding football to appreciate this book.

I am not a religious person, yet Dungy obviously is. Throughout guide, he estimates scriptures from which he has discovered or used lessons. Dungy discusses hoping prior to making decisions and also regarding living life to offer Him. Nonetheless, none of it came across as pushy. I am an atheist, but this book made me interested in reading the Bible for educational purposes.

From this book, you get the feeling that Tony Dungy a real person with real highs and lows in his life. And yet through it all, he remains humble and strong. He truly cares and truly has a good heart. He is an excellent role model for people of all walks of life.

When I finished this book, it made me want to be a better person. It made me want to arrange my priorities in life so that the most important things are placed first. You know, stop and smell the flowers. And for that, I thank Dungy and Whitaker for their message and hard work.

On a side note, if you were expecting Dungy to talk a lot about his relationship with Peyton Manning, prepare to be disappointed. He talks about the Bucs more than the Colts. He mentions a few things in there about # 18, but nothing that fans of Manning wouldn’t already know. In this NY Times # 1 Best Seller, Tony Dungy presents principles, practices and priorities of a winning life following Christ. Tony tells about overcoming racial discrimination and his life long challenge to put Christ first on his way to coaching the NFL Super Bowl Champion Colts. Tony Dungy – Quiet Strength Audio Book Online. This is a great book with insights into dealing with major life challenges including focusing on God’s purpose in your life, faith in God’s will for his occupation, “sticking to his principles” (no smoking, drinking, or performance enhancing drugs), finding a Godly wife, overcoming bitterness from his firing as head coach, accepting the genetic defect of his 1st (of 3) adopted children, and the crushing suicide of his 19 year old (natural) son the year before his Super Bowl XLI Victory.
Tony came from a solid Christian, African-American family in Michigan. His dad was a Tuskegee ([ …] Army Air Corps officer flying in World War II, later earning a PhD to become a physiology professor at Jackson Community College ([ …]. His dad taught him that you can’t always control circumstances. However you can always control your attitude. Tony speaks very highly of his Mom a high school speech & Sunday School teacher who taught him many Bible stories before he could read and he came to know Christ as a young child. His siblings are all professionals with successful careers – Lauren as a physician, Linden a dentist, and Sherrilyn as a nurse.