Chelsea Handler – Are You There, Vodka? Audiobook

Chelsea Handler – Are You There, Vodka? Audiobook (It’s Me, Chelsea)

Chelsea Handler - Are You There, Vodka? Audio Book Free
Are You There, Vodka? Audiobook

I seem like I’ve come late to the celebration that is Chelsea Handler, however much better late than never. This collection of tales remains in a word, amusing. Chelsea is a natural author as well as these pages go by so swiftly I located myself searching for even more when I got to page 264. She’s initial, profane, bawdy, gutsy as well as UPROARIOUS.

It’s hard to pick a favorite, yet the tale of guy Mohammad and the Peekapoo (obviously a gay dog), as well as one more that consisted of a night with the intoxicated “midget” called Kimmy, had me chuckling aloud as well as sharing bits. There are no stinkers in the collection, each is funnier than the previous as you are familiar with her humor as well as her quirks, which indeed– DO include a great deal of vodka.

If you like the work of Laurie Notaro The Idiot Women’ Action-Adventure Club: True Stories from a Splendid as well as Clumsy Life or Sandra Tsing Loh A Year in Van Nuys you’ll like the work of Chelsea Trainer. I didn’t know Chelsea Trainer was a TELEVISION character and comic.

I read this on my Kindle regarding 2 years back. Given that reading her book, I’ve seen a couple of episodes of “Chelsea Lately” and I discover her enjoyable (I ‘d most likely give her a 3-star score as a TV host), yet her writing is pure hilarity. Are You There, Vodka? Audiobook Free. Rarely, if ever before, do I read publications that make me break out in uncontollable giggling. I have actually reviewed Chelsea Bang as well, yet this set is the treasure of the bunch. If you’re on the fence about Chelsea Trainer, provide the book a try. You may just find yourself converted 2 chapters in:)A word of caution: Do not take in fluids when reading this. This was my first foray into the world of Chelsea Trainer. I hadn’t even seen her program prior to reading this publication. I love unique, bizarre, humor, specifically when it takes the type of astounding, self deprecating tale informing, so this was perfect for me. I couldn’t quit myself from giggling aloud during I was reading it, and virtually disregarded my sweetheart that day at the pool while I feasted on the entire book in one sitting. I went on to review her latest publication, yet this one is without a doubt the best, because the stories seem even more “actual” as it was created prior to she was also known as she is currently. I wondered after finishing this book exactly how it didn’t obtain 5 stars from everyone that read it. It simply comes down to individual taste. For my individual taste, there isn’t a funnier read. I had a difficult time placing it down. I watch Chelsea Recently periodically, yet I am not a huge fan of the program. I am however, a big follower of Chelsea the writer. At one factor, I was trying to hold back my giggling to avoid my partner from awakening, yet fruitless. I was shaking so tough and also the splits were streaming a lot, that I couldn’t see the book and also could not include the audios. He got up thinking that I was having an emotional malfunction. He was truly pissed off when he realized that it was hysterical laughter, not hysterics. With that all stated, this woman wants to bare herself, her good friends, guys, and also household in the most uncomplimentary methods possible. I ENJOYED IT, and am incredibly grateful to not be just one of them. Her midget proclivity is so politically wrong therefore exceptionally amusing. My hubby has one too … he reads this following. I check out Horizontial Life also, and that was Hysterical. This set is likewise. I Bought it, and it was all I might do NOT to review it. I intended to save it for my vacation. So I Took it, and read out at Swimming pool. I was Giggling out loud …!!!!!!! My BF stated he heard me chuckling … Lot of times, while reading. I was Sad when I completed, No More giggles! GOOD BOOK I ENJOY chelsea! I Love her SHow On E! as well as I Love her Publications. Worth the Money if You Like toLaugh! Great Gift to give someone whos depressing too … it would certainly applaud them right UP! The very best book I have actually checked out up until now this year. This is certainly an excellent Summertime read. Cheslea is one of my favorite comics. She never ever has to put on an act to make people laugh; she is a pure natural. I suggest she is “on” all the time, also in her book. Chelsea Handler – Are You There, Vodka? Audio Book Download. I see her late evening reveal regularly. So when I encountered this publication, there had not been also a doubt for me to buy … it was a must. Matter of fact, this was my extremely initial purchase on my new Kindle. While you read, you are feeling all the emotions and computer animations, laughter and tears of Chelsea’s being. I essentially got so sucked into this book, that I neglected how much time I had read. I was left feeling … WOW. I do not assume that I will ever before burn out of re-reading this book. Chelsea as well as Vodka … could not get any kind of much better than this. You will not regret this book. This publication must be on everyone’s The majority of Check out of the Summer.